Most Be Cocky

Hey There! Sorry that I haven't Post A lot! Trust me, To much Things To do!! OMG!
I have so many things To show U and Tell U, 'bout everythin'!.
I will Try to post As Soon As I can, Curiosities and somethings I did! haha! ;)

For Now, I will Let you this link, is about Belly Piercings with Chinese Script -Yeah
I got My Belly Pierced like Two months Ago- But Till' A few Weeks Back, I didn't knew
I could Find a really representative Piercings as These ones, so Yeah! sorry Once again!
my Internet is a HUGE problem and My computer was beeing fixed (SMH) So I'll Be
with NEWS sooon! wait 4 moiii!

♥♥♥ xoxoxo

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