Hallo! my dear readers! :) today I bring you a
quick tutorial Of how to make Onigiris;;

A quick tip of how to make it look triangular;;

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Omg!!!!! hi everyone!!! Ok im going straigth to the point! im OBSESSED with asia :p oh...wait you already notes! well actually there are some songs that I CAN'T get out of my mind! sereously like I'm listening to them all the time;; I'm possessed by this songs, btw my blackberry is lost. Why im saying this? cuz I really miss her :( ok I will show you the songs that are driving me crazzzzeeee! If you later on want to download any of them I will let you the link of a nice page that is a pro sharing asian music, I always download my songs and albums from there!

ok let's start with ''Connection'' of Taeyang;;
Are you serious? this song is da shit! love it

GD & TOP '' Knock Out'' ;; U know when u have a guetto beat
stick in your head??? this is exactly HOW Top and G-dragon make
me feel with this song;;

Secret ''Lalala'';; This R&B song reminds me of someone I love so much
is so sweet and R&B and of course the ''lalalalala'' is stick in my head

Miss A ''Breath'';; Ok ok ok! I KNOW, I personally don't like this group
but I most admit that the song is pretty sticky!!! That happened to
me with genie of SNDS ¬¬'' [the girl group I hate the most]
B word! but anyways this song is pretty cool.

Show Luo ''Body Clock'';; dljfdfhfldhs I just LOVE THIS SONG!!

Show Luo Again :p ''Zhen Ming Tian Zi'' ;; This is so wannabe but
still love it.

Van Fan ''Leaving Sadness'' ;; from the first moment I've heard this
song I knew the exact feeling of the melody is such a wonderful song, van
is just an amazing singer.

Beast ''Ligth Goes on Again'';; My babies! they sing so cute! this song
is pretty good! I cant wait for the video!

OK seriously I'll have to stop LOL or you will end up listening 20 songs
or more! I just put the ones that I can't get out of my head now, there are
more lol but I think it will be too much. So here it is the page where
I download all my asian music, [Click to View] enjoy;;



Yeii! yesterday I finished whatching the long Taiwanese drama ''Easy life happy Fortune'' is 17 episodes and I most said than the drama is ok sometimes there were times when I was bored as hell but the most of the drama is fine. Now I will watch Bull Fighting. Is amazing how dramas teach you so much about the culture and their native language.

Easy life happy fortune synopsis

These two could not have been more different. One is a happy-go-lucky girl who grows up with her brother in the mountains and was tutored in the knowledge of herbs by her grandma. The other is a businessman who grows up in a rich family expecting to take over the family pharmaceutical empire and does not hesitate to step on others in order to achieve his own gains.

Fate throws them together one day when she accidentally cured his grandfather and finds herself becoming the millionaire fiancée. But is his love for her true? The discovery of a sixty years conspiracy will soon change everything...

Bull Fighting synopsis

It started as a 3-on-3 basketball competition between two rival colleges; an annual event in which the winner would control the 13th Street basketball court for the following year. To everybody's surprise, the 9-year reigning champion, TRIO lost this year... and it was all because of one girl named Yi Sheng Xue. Now, this game has a new purpose.

TRIO is a famed group in the East Sun college known for their handsome, well-rounded and rich boys who also have talent in the game of basketball: Zhou Bi Shou, Xu Zhe Kai, and the leader, Shen Ruo He. All three are gorgeous and proud, and been there for each other since they were little. Confident, they know that they will win against the other college, and score the spot to place their team flag on.

Yi Sheng Xue (Hebe Tien) is a stubborn but naive daughter of a former triad leader, Wu Ye. She went to a temple to wish TRIO good luck during the infamous 13th street basketball game. As a young girl, she had been chased by hostile gang members, and had run frantically to the basketball court in desperation to avoid conflict. Coincidentally the very first 13th street basketball game was taking place. The members, seeing a young girl being persecuted, helped drive the gang members away, leading Sheng Xue into safety. Sheng Xue now takes the game seriously and watches it every year, cheering on the East Sun college.

and of course the QUEEN of dramas is Korea! that's why I'll let you this link of a new Korean drama called ''my princess'' stills on air is just new so is not complete;; enjoy~