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Harajuku Lovers

Hey Guys How Ya Doin~!....maybe you wonder whats dwon there...I was mad so dont pay a lot of attention! Ok!... who loves asian stuff loves kawaii and clothes, of course is part of the culture.

someone really notes that. Gwen Stefani which sings and desing clothes and manage a complete brand of accesories, knew very well in what she can inspire. She loves Harajuku gilrs and japan as well. we can see that very clear in her 2005 album L.A.M.B (loves, angel, music, Baby) this album inspired her to have a HUGE ideas of how to make a bussines based on asian clothes and accesories. L.A.M.B is the name of the legal brand of clothings.

she had from bags to cellphone covers perfume and shoes.Takin every aspect of fashion culture in japan. From kawaii to harajuku style she maid a BIG company of those Fashion styles.

Harajuku Bags

This cuttie here is called "Harajuku Lovers Kawaii Mermaid Collection" It features each of the Harajuku Lovers girls as mermaids swimming against in a pretty teal blue background.

This one is called ''Poppin bag'' I love The colors.

This Is called ''Ice cream Flourescent bag''

Over here ''Ice cream Poppin' Bag''

Here ''Harajuku Girls in the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade''

Here ''Lovers Meshed up dazzle Duffel Bag''

Of course I wont put all! I have to make a COMPLETE post just for HL Bags....LOl. Is just a taste to this style !!~

Harajuku Clothes (T-Shirts + Sweaters)

After all Those Beautiful bags u saw, it will be a Nice idea to combine them whit one of this t-shirt. Deamn I will ask for a credit card just to buy harajuku stuff lol...I soooo want one this t-shirts :/

Harajuku Clothes (Pants)

In my opinion de HL pants are not that cool. I really like the grey ones but is not like I die for them But they are very pretty and looks confortable and casual. I prefer Tigther pants :D

Harajuku Shoes (Sneakers)

awww this sneakers are very cute, I like them!

Harajuku Shoes (Heels+Sandals+Semiboots)

Ok! This is when I say WOOO I really like Heels!! I ♥ Heels~ .Gwen defenetly hit it like a men desingnin' this shoes, specialy the semiboots! Omg I really need a credit card LOL! whit a LOT of money!! just for buy HL shoes n' stuff lol! no
sereously....She had great taste when it comes to desing!!! Clap for Gwen^^.

I ♥ this one Rigth here :) so Stylish!!~ deamn!

Harajuku Frangace (Love, lil' Angel, Music G, Baby)

We all Know thath Gwen is in love whit her backup dancers: love, angel, music, baby.
Now she finally found the way how to put them in her pores.... whit this frangances of HL. Is a collection that is compose for 5 bottles representin' Gwen and her Harajuku dancers.
Every bottle have a different smell and a very cute desing wich have the style of gwen and the girls.

Love - sensuous floral notes with pink peonies, delicate paperwhites, rose and sensuous musk.

Lil' Angel - fruity floral notes with juicy rasberry, lush pear blossom and warm hinoki woods.

Music - delicate floral notes with sparkling clementine, sweetpea, honeysuckle and creamy vanilla.

Baby - powdery musk notes with sparking bergamot, tiare flower, jasmine petals and soft white musk.

G - modern gourmand notes with fresh coconut, jasmine, magnolia and sexy woods.

well Thats all For today :) I will see you next time whit a very creapy Post!....Now I will show
you the links if you wanna buy some Gwen Clothes fashionable things lol :) Take care~





HL frangace♥


Official HL Fragance Page


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