Whoaa!~ Ok! I wanted To get here! fast! haha! I was searching on the web some J-pop Music And I found This AMAZING girl Group! They are incredible! My firts Thougth Was ''Omg they look like Japanese PCD'' ashlee Dream Started Firts ^^ Than The PCDs we see now, But They look lot alike Tought, but there's one Thing than Makes them Different, They don't focus In just One member as PCD does wich Is Nicole, In Dream They are all The main Singers!

Dream, formerly called DRM, is an all-female J-pop chorus group. In May 1999, the Japanese record company Avex Trax held a contest in the hopes of looking for new talent. After going through 120,000 Japanese contestants, Mai Matsumuro, Yu Hasebe and Kana Tachibana were chosen to form the new group "Dream". Many consider the first three girls as the first generation of Dream, which made its debut on January 1, 2000 with the single "Movin' on."

Dream consisted of those three members until July 7, 2002 when Mai Matsumuro graduated to a solo career. Six new younger members joined the group (Risa Ai, Erie Abe, Aya Takamoto, Ami Nakashima, Shizuka Nishida and Sayaka Yamamoto) which allowed people to draw comparisons between the "new Dream" and another Japanese pop group, Morning Musume. Dream remained an 8-member dance & chorus group until the graduation of member Ai Risa on March 28, 2004.

On June 25, 2007, the group decided it was time to have a makeover, and changed their name from Dream to DRM. The name change was intended to reflect the change in the group itself, from a "young adolescence" image, to a "mature ladies" image.

On July 22, 2008, it was announced that Yu Hasebe had left DRM, and that the group was changing its name back to Dream. Hasebe's departure meant that Kana Tachibana was now the only remaining original member still with the group.

In fall 2008, Dream worked together with the popular band EXILE. They recorded the song "Love, Dream & Happiness" along with the PV for EXILE's album, EXILE BALLAD BEST.

After a longer absence on the release sector, the new six-member version of Dream released a new single titled "Perfect Girls" in September 2009. In March 2010, they will release their followup single, "Breakout". Btw Erie Is My Fav

Ok now I'll show U the Video/song That Left Me Breathless
"Perfect Girls"

Ok! If you like the song and the Group You can Find more
About them in their Official Website.


If You wanna listen Closer

1. Breakout
2. I Believe
3. Breakout (Instrumental)
4. I Believe (Instrumental)


1. Perfect Girls
2. To The Top
3. Perfect Girls (Instrumental)
4. To The Top (Instrumental)


  1. Ami te amo te amo
    demasiado!!! ami te como niña de mi alma
    erie rica!!! kana!!! genial1!!
    shi sayapo1!! i love!!!
    las amo dream1!!!el perfect girls!!! y el breakOut

  2. el apellido de kana es Tachibana no tashi XD