Decoden Is a Trend Of putting blings, Glitter, flowers, botons and everything that comes to your mind, in Your cellphone, Keys and whatever U please! Is Use in Nail Art too! But It looks Prettier in Objects I think. Is an amazing CraftArt! I have A friend Who Lovesss Doing deco. You can Make It in Rings, necklase,Mirrors,Cellphones Covers, Purses, Laptops In everywhere U like It. So It dosen't Take too much inteligence to make one, you just need all the rigth materials and a GOOD glue! You can create a lot of diferent styles and make your own way of decoding! Try It!~ I will post some Videos Too o(^_^)o// And If u Live in Dominican Republic and U are Interested, Send Me a Private Message To my FB or Twitter and I will let you know how to get one :) cuz theres no Oficial Stores who sells this kinda products in here /:

Where to Buy Some Materials

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There are Some Kawaii Tapes Too! The same Function But More Prettier ♥
Where To Buy Them

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I recently Buy This Mirror :) Is so Cute! Made by my Friend Paola.

Now I let You with some Tutorials :)


  1. pero estan hermosos manis bellos yo quiero el que es un bizcochito ^.^

  2. a Mi me Gutaron Todossssssss!!! LOL Pero si Aunque sea Uno Kiero Yo!!!!

  3. Hi! I've just found your blog totaly randomly on google, searching for deco den photos. I really like it here so I will follow you from now on! :D And I wanted to ask you if these pictures of deco are all yours? Im creating DECO Forum now and FB fan page for it and I was looking for a cool picture for a avatar on FB. Could I use the bottom middle picture with big pink rose and CC cabochon in it? Thanks anyway!
    Mini Mo