Step Forward

I know I've dissapear these days!! I've been busy workin' in a proyect, a really Important Asian
proyect am In. I will give u more details when the proyect relase officialy. That's One, The other one is that Someone special stayed in here for a While (: SOoo I can't say no! and I want to spend the most time I can with that someone ;)! ~

I will try to Writte often! I still got so much Things to talk about with u. And I wanted to say That annoyin' people are NOT welcome in my world/life/space/mind. If you don't have someone else to blame for ur shits Please Go kill yourself (:

I want to show u The chinese Town in DR how they live and everything! some pictures of nice things they bring from China. That's my Next Post. The Moon Celebration is over |: But I will do a post About it Too! :D Some curiosities of Thailand and Some Words In Tagalog ||Philippines||
About Japan I still Figure out what I can Post About Lol!

I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to GG.S (Giberni Caridad) Who is one of the Finalist of the firts Contest of K-Pop In latin America...Good Luck!

I let you with this MV of 2NE1 I bet U fans Have seeing it a THOUSANDS of times but I the song and The video Is really good. 4 Those ones who haven't see it!
Seeya soonaaaa!

-Go Away ||2NE1||

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