Fashion Art Day 4

Fashion Art Day 4 * Crafting In Technicolor

Today I was In the pretties Bazart ever!!! I found Clothes, Accesories, clocks, food, shoes, photo studios and companys! I was Supporting my friend Paola! Who has a lot of talent as crafter, This was Her firts Bazart, And she did AMAZING, She loves Asian Stuff ,as us, and she inspired on Asian stuff to present her firts collecction Called ''Crafting in Tecnicolor''. In the Bazart Were a lot Of kawaii Things....Omg..! SO manY!!! But I couldn't take pictures
of the others cuz' dad wanted to leave So ladies! Don Hang Out Whit Your Parents Not a good Idea, At least Your parents like What you like! So Here we are As I said Before This Post Is all ABout Crafting In Technicolor I took The pics And Of course I bought Paola A donut and a Lollipop!Very Very Cute~!

(Join Now to Crafting In Technicolor (Click On the Image))

Mario's Fungus :D And The thing XD

Beautiful Bracelets whit amethys stones

Grapes Ice Cream Necklace! :)

My Favorite! Decoden Mirror! I Made a post About Decoden!!! Totally Love It!!~ *W*

Ice Cream And Mario Characters Necklace!

Earings, Ice Cream, Donut!

The little Bags Were to Put the things Tou buy!! SO cute! The flower,The melon, The rainbow and the square, are accesories~

Decoden Photo Frame *W*

Chocolat Accesories!

More Accesories~

What I Buy!
I enjoy Everything! Pao Has an Incredible Craft Talent! ^^ Sorry For the Bad Quality of the pictures :/ I took them whit my cellphone! But I think The msj is what matters ^^


  1. Thanks for supporting me Sonya :D Luv ya!!! Now im blushed */////*

  2. Your Welcome Mami!!! You are Talented This is the least tht I can do!!! :D

  3. HOWWWW CUTEEE!!!! i Love Deco!!!! Omg Paola Your so Good At It ^___^!!!!! Im trying deco!! LOL! but I still Need Soem Practice!!! :)