Hilarious Natalie + I pass!♥

Hello Everyone....How Ya been Doing!??? Sorry that I wasen't Posting for a While...Finals Exams got me crazy, But It worth It!! A & B's Im so Happy I cant Deny I doubt it for a moment i was wondering '' Im a going to pass alll the exams?? YESSSS of Coursee I did!! (Thank God) Fortunely I had this teacher who loves Asian Stuff Just Like me...We sat hours Talkin' about Asian culture and stuff, thanks to her too...She rock It In a Jorney we made to '' Las cuevas de las Maravillas'' .

We had so Much Fun it was very very good to have her as a teacher!!! In other order
KIDASU the asian fan Club we had in Dominican Republic Is preparing A HUGEEEE party for all the members, whit games, Trivias, Karaoke you know, we have prepare things like T-shirts, posters, botons, Gaps, Purses, all about publicity Stuff!! So Im going to be very busy whit that too......But this moths have been very good, One I Get rid of Bad people And two I get A looot Of Asian and Dominican Friends! So Its nice to be whit them all the time and share diferent culture and moments.....To all Them Thank You!!!

Ok This Is what I wanted To show You Today!!!... I was searchin' On the Internet Videos OF B2ST just to see if they made the OASIS video Clip OMG i Cant Wait For see It!!!! And Sunddely....I saw This Asian Girl Named Natalie....I though ''Oh Let me See what is About'' What A surprise my friends!!!! This girl is HILARIOUS....Oh My!! I laugh so much whit her videos...She's just 23 Years old....She's Kinda Famous for those videos..You have to see her Twitter Man!! She have like 54,000 Followers or something..And her Fan Page On facebook Ufff!!! People stop her on the street for autograph and pictures!!! like a real STAR! she's really good at it...She tapes herself as two or three people, whit the firts video I saw I though she had a Twin LMAO!!!but NOUP is just her!! she's really good!!! Ladies & Gentleman NATALIE!!! XD

I hope You Enjoy!! As I DID!!

Natalie's Twitter

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