Fake Eyelashes

Fake Eyelashes~

Hello Girlz! Today I bring Something For You! EYELASHESSSSS! well Strange Ones! But U can Try them ! I love Fake eyelashes! I never wear them cuz' In my country theres no Fake eyelashes as those! I WISH!! i will wear some! (NOT all of them!) But well! U know that fake eyelashes can give u a very diferent look! u can go pretty to scary! depend on the eyelashes you wear...Fancy,elegant, sexy....You can get a LOOT of cool looks whit them! I personaly prefer the normal Ones you know not that long but makes you look diferent.and a natural...But if in here get to seld very fancy eyelashes I would try them whitout a Doubt!

And If U feel Like Lazyy! Theres No way U can say ''Im not going To wear my eyelashes cuz Im Not in mood''!, well Guess What! Use the Fake eyelashes aplicator! ;D Buy Here------!!_W0QQitemZ170404335331QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxZ20091109?IMSfp=TL091109183001r4231

Mascara & Eyelashes:
How To Use And Apply Fake Eyelashes

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