Halo!~ Guys! HOw You Doing! I got a question 4 you! Did you notes how korean bands are Gettin' bigger n' bigger?? more & more?? well THATS GOOD! new bands, old bands are takin' the charts, incredible songs, mixed style, epression, and image are takin those group as label, Of course whitout forgettin' GOOD music.

2ne1, Tenjochiki, 2pm, MBLAQ, B2ST, Big Bang, 4 minutes! Are takin control of corea Rigth Now! Specialy 2ne1, Is getting really Famous and DIFERENT, You know! Raper Girls, Kinda of Latin R&B style, and sooo Much personality! So as MBLAQ, Hot Boys, The firts song *Oh Yeah* Kinda of Spanish Touch and very sticky rythm! B2ST is not Bad needer! Nice Clothing, Retro style and Very Original!! 4 minutes is more what we call ''traditional'' style, Cute girls but whit a touch of R&B and Rap, sometimes is confuse whit 2ne1 style, But They still Really Good! Tenjochiki....OH WOW! they remind me Koda's style, Very sexy, unespectable moves and flow, Very Good!!!Bing Bang U Know Is BIG BANG!!

Most of them are New! From Cube entertaiment (4 Minutes, B2ST) and B-rains Company (MBLAQ) and keep Going & going! These are just a few!!! Of what Korea
Really have! HUGE TALENT!!!!!

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