Those days I went crazy searching for new things specially music, I love Music~♥~ some artist Caught my Attention A LOOT, not that well known But Good, Well Here I let you the Videos.

Crystal Kay and Tenjochiki~~

was born and raised in Yokohama in the Kanagawa Prefecture to an African American father and a third-generation Zainichi Korean mother. Her father was a bassist from New Jersey and her mother was a professional singer. Kay previously attended Kinnick High School and Sophia University, which is the same college Beni Arashiro currently attends: the two are reported to be good friends.

The Grace (Korean: 천상지희 더 그레이스; hanja: 天上智喜 The Grace ) is a South Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment in 2005. It consists of four members that specialize in skills of singing, dancing, and acting. The quartet debuted in 2005 and since then, the group gained popularity in South Korea and a number of other Asian countries. Currently, much of their activity occurs in Japan, following the precedent of other Korean-turned-Japanese-celebrity pop stars such as BoA, who is also managed by SM Entertainment.


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