*Amazing Birthday Cakes!* :)

I love Candies, that's Defenetly one of the placer of life, U know Sweetes thing are better when u can taste them, well I have an special afeccion for cakes, cuz' I think they are a symbol of joy and happyness! omg sooo Shodo! LOL, but thats the way I percive their looks and their taste! Yumii! BUT i dont consider any cake as ''the one'' LOLL! I like diferent cakes not just the tradicional one I like the fact of being original but with a little bit of the basics things like the meaning of a cake. Now cakes are more estetic and beautiful ,Which Is good, It means that people are getting Boring of the same thing, so, they get more creative and original about it. Seems to be a silly theme but it show a percepcion of simple things. Simple things, More value, To me u Know! So I hope I can give you some I deas Too about your upcoming birthday partie or a gift for a friend or family. Please Enyoy :)... Oh I promise I will Get a Real Cam To show U all My asian Stuff! Is just got My cell Phone Cam But NAHHH! Is Not the same Please Wait :)! Now enyoy! Thanks Too

I went Crazyyy When I Saw This One On Chinese
town in My country! CUTE!~~


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