*Nail Asian Art*

*Nail Asian Art*

Oh Long No post! soo Long!!! oH lord....Sorry that I make U wait Too long for my crazy posting style! I wasn't feeling that good, cuz a problem came up whit the blog I stopped posting for a while, But now I'm back and I got a lotttt a Stuff that I want you to know and see, Music ,weird things (as usual) and all kinda Asian stuff that I had found!...~~

Lets get started whit this amazing art of '' Nail desing'' where asian girls put their imagination to create crazy nail art desings...which is fabulous cuz' caught all girls attention, and mark a new trend and the evolution of nail desing. Not just asian girls have those fun desings, occidental girls are taking this trend seriously, when it came here, I will be the firts one to wear them!. ;)

Last but not least, Gyaru Girls in japan Are the one who use this trend the most, they loveee this stlyle and we can see artist Too as Koda Kumi than Love this art! :)


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