Coolest Bathroom Papers

*Coolest Bathroom Papers*

In Asia Everything Is going Whit a Step Forward.....The Tecnolgy Is Going Bigger Everyday...Now The Bath Paper Has His Own Movement Into This Big World Of Changes!! Lets See!!!

Lets Get Started Whit This New Idea Of Revolucionate Bath Paper Whit This Name Koji Susuki, This Guy, Author Of The famous Book The Ring, (Than Became a Movie)Decide To Put Terror not Just In Books Or Movies, Now His New Idea Are Scary Stories On Bath Paper, The story Calls
ドロプ ''Doropu'' In English ''Drop''...Beware Of Sometime In The Toilet!!! XD!!

From ScARY To Colored Say BYE BYE To all Those Boring White Bath Paper And Change It For One Of This Crative Papers!! Let's Started Rigth Now,Trhowing Away All Those White Boring Papers!! ;)

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