Weird Ice Cream Flavours

*Weird Ice Cream Flavours*

Ok!!! This Go Beyond My Taste, But I will Show You Some Japanese Weird Ice Cream Flavors, I Had Tried Some Thanks To Japanase Friend That Bring Me some!!!! But Belive Me Just A FEW Taste Better Than the look!! This Is a Green Tea Ice Cream Flavor.. Ok This Look A little Bit Weird But Dosent Taste That BAD....This is a Mach Potatoes and Green guanduls!!! Ok This Must be a New expirience, This Is squid Flavor Ice Cream!!! This Over Here Is a Charcoal Ice Cream Flavor!! OK!!! I bet You Know what It is!!This is cutlet Ice crem Flavor
This Is a black sesame Ice Cream Flavor....Co2 Baby!! This is not so weird But hello kitty is Creapy!!! XD sorry Hello Kitty Fans!!! Edition Of disney Ice cream, Maybe Taste like Mouse!!! XD!!! Fish Flavor Ice Cream!!! Corn Ice Cream Flavor!! That Name Says It all!!! Pino Ice Cream Flavor!!!.... Abalone Ice Cram Flavor!!! This Is a Normal Ice Cream Flavor, But The shape Is Very Strange!!! a Face Shape...¬¬' Da! Cow Meet Flavor!!! Horse Meet Ice Cream Flavor!!! Cheesse Ice Cream Flavor!! Hot chilli Ice Cream!!! Spaghetty & Chesse Ice Cream!! Salt Ice Cream Flavor!! Viagra Ice Cream Flavor!!!, Ok Now I know The Your Taste In Ice Cream get Bigger Now Try Some!! JA oK, nO COMMENTS.....O____o

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