Craziest Shoes

*Craziest Shoes*

Hello... Everyone!!! Today I Wanted To Show You How Weird an Cool Shoes Can be!!! These Shoes Than Im Going To show You are not That Use In Japan Or the Rest Of The world But a Few Crazy and Cool People Do!! Let See Pictures!!!

Ha I bet You cant Walk In One Of Those!!! XDThis One are My favorites Soo Cool!!!
This One In Here Is Scary!!! These are My Favorites Too, Becuse You can Take Off The hills Is U are Very Tired!!! I defently Love This To Very Creative!!! Ok This Is Defenetly an Abuse!!! XD!!! Not Even a Ballet Dancer Would Use This To Walk Normaly!!! NO Comments!!! Ok This Is defenetly A Good Artilugy!!!! MP3 Tennis!!! So Deamn Cool!!! Ok this is old But, Pretty Awesome!! No place To Save your
Game boy Put It in your Shoes!!!! Lol!! Im My Opinion These Are UGLY!!!Lol ¬¬' Sereously! This Look Very Unconfortable!!!


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