Manga Eyes Make up

Hallo!~ How ya doing!? (: I Wanna show you how anime fans are REALLY crazy about beeing an anime ashleee! lol Thats impossible to erase o(_o_) o, You can have real anime eyes (or the closest you can get) by painting your eyes as one. There are special Paints for painting your eyes as Eyeko line. And you can also complement the make up dressing up like them (that's old history) Is kinda like a cosplay but in another category I would say, The thing about this look is, The Manga eyes effect last as long as you can have your eyes closed lol. 'Cuz then it will look kinda weird. If you are Interested In doing this I will let you the link of Eyeko and some Tutorials (:


And for some Sweet anime eyes make up
here's this tutorial Of Michelle Phan