Today I won't do reference to the things you usually see in my blog. I will show You a thing that really pissed me off. I was reading a post of a friend that I have on FB.She wrotte about how her Boyfriend cheated on her with three girls at the same time. U migth think that is an issue we see almost everyday, the thing is 'till when guys will play with girls hearts. Im so tired of seeing the same shit everywhere and the girls who had felt this way or have been cheated more than 1 one time or even one, knows what I mean. Is true that girls grow up faster than guys, But Comonnn! that dosen't mean they have to cheat all the time....playing whit who ever they want. So basically she tells how she felt about him and how he makes her belive in shits like I love you, I can't live without you, Yeah Rigth , anyways, this guys SUCKS just like the other guys who do the same shit all over again. The difference is this guy never thougth that this girl will screw him up like this lol! He deserves it.....well I will just let you the link...Have a nice day and Don't mess up with girls....

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