Yeiiii.....Hi ya doing Today???? I hope Great ^___^ Today I Start Collage...Again ¬¬', jejeje, It was soooo cool, I was in class Whit a Lot of GOOD friend Launghfing Out Loud About anthing, Thanks Good that im Whit Them :).....I spent a very good time B)......Now..Lets talk abaout Dong bang shin ki, most Kwnoun as TVXQ~, You Know That They were having problems whit The SM, and they were rumors abaut separation and Stuff T.T.....The thing is getting bigger cuz The demand it seems to be very sereously, The guys Didin't have the enough Time to rest and do the personal things that every Human should have, so SM abuse Of the Time Of the guys, They had enough, and demand the music company, And thats not all, They have another problems of demands too, so the thing is getting worse every day T.T...:(....So A group of fan (Cassiopeia) decided to create a video supporting the guys in this hard transition of their prfessional carrear TVXQ DONT LOOSE FAITH~ , has already the videos whit the messenges for the boys, that soon will be in their hansd :)......Of course Im IN IT ;)....Cuz I lov Tohoshinki.....soo if you love them and you considertated yourself a cassiopeia Pleasssee Support TVXQ~......

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