Emoticon Keyboard

Ouou (^____^) Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets, If U didn't notes I love to discover new things in every way, I'm a very curious Person, specially when technology is Going so Fast. I don't like to write too much, cuz is sooooo Boring To have aaaa loooooong Post, Deamn!!!!! you feel Like sleeping... LOL JK everybody has their own way to express themselves and If you feel like writing a HUGE post then go ahead, But Still is a Little bit Boring :P.....But that's not what we wanna talk about....Let's see;;

Since Messenger has Appear the emotions;; which is the combination of sings (..=%$·"·"":/--) with the keyboard that permit us create a superficial emotion, or a more Comprensible conversation has been a Boom, even has became almost impossible to write without an emoticon :) [* Caught*]The hardest part was To get The combination, or maybe create something different for every emotion, well THAT'S Over.....

Yeah;; Is exactly what you think; is a Emoticon Keyboard So there's no need of combinations, This counts whit 40 keys, is very simple, it hasn't been release commercially but I bet When it does It will seld a Lot.

mean while we gotta use the combination so I prepared this List for you :D Obviously You might know them All But is Not Bad To have a list ;)



  1. k chula ta esa vaina!!!!! io kerer uno principalmente el ultimo :p

  2. Jejejeejejeej!!! Yo si e Verdad Que kiero Uno....Pa solta La commbinacione en BANDAAA!!!