Omg!!!!! hi everyone!!! Ok im going straigth to the point! im OBSESSED with asia :p oh...wait you already notes! well actually there are some songs that I CAN'T get out of my mind! sereously like I'm listening to them all the time;; I'm possessed by this songs, btw my blackberry is lost. Why im saying this? cuz I really miss her :( ok I will show you the songs that are driving me crazzzzeeee! If you later on want to download any of them I will let you the link of a nice page that is a pro sharing asian music, I always download my songs and albums from there!

ok let's start with ''Connection'' of Taeyang;;
Are you serious? this song is da shit! love it

GD & TOP '' Knock Out'' ;; U know when u have a guetto beat
stick in your head??? this is exactly HOW Top and G-dragon make
me feel with this song;;

Secret ''Lalala'';; This R&B song reminds me of someone I love so much
is so sweet and R&B and of course the ''lalalalala'' is stick in my head

Miss A ''Breath'';; Ok ok ok! I KNOW, I personally don't like this group
but I most admit that the song is pretty sticky!!! That happened to
me with genie of SNDS ¬¬'' [the girl group I hate the most]
B word! but anyways this song is pretty cool.

Show Luo ''Body Clock'';; dljfdfhfldhs I just LOVE THIS SONG!!

Show Luo Again :p ''Zhen Ming Tian Zi'' ;; This is so wannabe but
still love it.

Van Fan ''Leaving Sadness'' ;; from the first moment I've heard this
song I knew the exact feeling of the melody is such a wonderful song, van
is just an amazing singer.

Beast ''Ligth Goes on Again'';; My babies! they sing so cute! this song
is pretty good! I cant wait for the video!

OK seriously I'll have to stop LOL or you will end up listening 20 songs
or more! I just put the ones that I can't get out of my head now, there are
more lol but I think it will be too much. So here it is the page where
I download all my asian music, [Click to View] enjoy;;



  1. Ayumi Hamasaki Blog

  2. i love this blog! i am also obsessed with china! :D and i looove these music videos!
    and i have my own blog too! check it outt! :)