Mimita's Life!♥

Hi! how ya doin'?! I was tryin' to find a Scrolltext for entries Loll! belive me there's not ¬_¬! I meet this amazin' Asian Little Girl :) She's soo sweet! her name is Amy, Amy chen! (really beautiful btw) And she Can cook!!!! Shes 16 and she can cook! Im 20 and a fried an egg can be a problem for me! really! ¬¬ yeah sad! but what can I say I don't have tht talent lol! I will show you some of her delicious culinary art! she take cookin' clases @ Badminton School♥! she does this famous asian drink ''Bubble tea'' ! The firts time I drinked I got Stuck loll!!!

So cute! Isn't ♥

Chocolate Cup Cakes! SO yumi!!

This Is bubble tea♥ The balls Up are the pearls
thn is gonna be in te botton on the bubble tea
(those are the balls i got stuck whit xD) This
purple One is TARO flavvvva!

Steak Pie♥

Apple Turnover~♥

Cinnamon Buns~♥

I hope U had enjoyed Her cookin' skills as I did!
Ok now I show u who's Behined on cookin'....

SOOO CUTEE!! this is her whit her Beautiful Doggy!!~♥ :)

Now if you wanna know more about her......
check her blog!!!! Just Click on the pick Below :)
Ciaaaooo cunaaadaaass!!! ;D See you next time~

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  1. yum!!!! bubble tea~~~ and love the choco cupcakes

  2. MMMMM everything looks so delicious!

  3. Que hambre!!!!!!!Sonya como tu me tientas asi *0*