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!!!! Im back♥ AS I PROMISE lol! Whit the lates things I have done and some curious pages i found lately! This is what We going to do! Today ima show you.......The link of stranges and Cool pages I found and some things i have done lately....Im in a good mood today! I dont wanna talk about Aokigahara loll! Tht post is for 2morrow :)

Today Was a looong day! Trying to find a Printshop wich print 17*22! Can you belive tht I couldnt found a printshop near to my uni -.-' I had to walk and walkkkk and wallk till i found PRINT ZONE! very Cheap very profesional and elegant! did i say Cheap? loll! reaallllly nice! but anyway i could finish the HW i had for 2morrow..... here some work i printed :)

WHY? im not talkin about asian Stuff! well Im not asian :/unfortunetly/: and sometimes ill like to talk about some stuff :D why not? lollll! the two upcoming post will talk about asian stuff lol! so I decide to take this post and show something diferent from the usual theme :)......but anyway I will show some asian retaled pages too :D
AND I miss sheucito soo much :( talkin whit him everyday is not eugnof! :( i need to see him! WICH i hope happen soon! MAY COME COME!! lolll!~

Ok! I have some Pages for you WEIRD and COOL! till Desing pages to Marriage online lol! Enjoy :)

All Things Kawaii

Browse a variety of "kawaii," or cute, web sites, including everything from adorable graphics to your web site to sweet shops to buy things from, and much more. There are currently 612 sites listed in the directory.

Icon Deli

All kinds of icons for blogs and Desktops :)


Really Nice counters for ur blog...


ASIAM Business Group was established in 2004 in Hong Kong with the goal of providing commercial brokerage and facilitating business relations between Asia and Occident. ASIAM business is headquartered in Hangzhou - China.

Korean Movies

If u love Korean Movies Like I do click On this Page :)

Asiashop Mexico

This is a SPANISH web where u can find the same things u buy in internet but cheaper they have original mercansy and seld it to rasonable prices in latin america.

keyboard Character codes

U still wonder all the secret codes u can use whit ur keyboard? well here u got a few ones

Ego Box

A really nce blog about backgrounds,Quotes Pixels, Names,Scrollboxes,Signs,avatars
Calendars,Clocks,Myspace Layouts,buttons,Web,Layouts,Cursors,myspace (Codes, Comment Boxes, More)Twitter Layouts, Friendster,brushes,HTML, Color Codes,Fonts,Word Gen and more. Unfortunetly the page is about to close click fast on it :)

Page plugings & Note Generators.

If ur tired of standar boring e-mails or memos this pages in perfec for you...This note generator page have a loooots of ideas for chaging the usual way of boring letters...also have photo generators, glitter generators.


Myspace Code Generator

Cph's Shop

A nice K-pop Shop T-shirts, stickers, cd's, poster, calendars of your favorite K-pop Artist.

Virtual Wedding Chapel

Ok U dont have money, and u wanna marry soon? HERE U GO! get married online (u most be realllly desesperate loll) and have the wedding....of your dreams?! well maybe not but is WAYYY cheaper xD! (Of course theres no legacy involve) and If in two days ur new marry life is a disaster u can divorce too :D u can even take pictures of ur divorce xD!

Make a Baby

After the wedding is time to have babies lol (If u dont get divorce of course or u can make them and the divorce xD!) This page permit u can upload pictures of you and someone u like even celebrities just to see how your baby whit that person would look like....

9GAG WTF //what The Fun//

9GAG is the Funniest Page EVER! LOLLLLL! Is so funny just click U will see it by urself!


Another cute detail is send handwritten letters, if someone special is far from you u can send them a virtual hadwritten letter whit this page :)

Virtual Kiss

Send A virtual Kiss! muaaa! :)

Let them Sing it for you

Whit this page u can writte any thing on the charging music box and the music browser will match the words whit random parts of songs.... very original!

Convertation questions : What If?

Sometimes on msn or chatin' in RL you start to feel like theres nothing to say anymore,rigth? in this pages you can use one of this questions ad start a new convertation.


In here you can Buy asian fashion style colthes and accesories :)


A nice Web to compuse a really good melody by your own...

Dry Icons

Such A cool Page! U can use Vectors As much as you want, custom Icons, templates. FREE!

Future Me

Send an email to yourself for the future! It will be very cool to know how you tougth in 10 years ago!

Well I do have more cool pages but I think is eugnof for today lol! ok!! On my B-Day I went to eat Korean Food.. :) soo Yumi! I went whit, liliana, DaAe, Rose Marie, Shinae, Kyuji, Kathya, Natasha, and Laionel :) A really special day! Just Only one person miss....Sheu :(
The food Is really spicy and delicious! Soju SOO GOOD! :D

Ok I think I Eugnof for today! :) Bye! Ill see u in the next post AOKIGAHARA! promise ;)

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