Im Back ♥

Hollaaa!!!! OMG! Long Time No see.....Im so sorry tht I haven't post anythin' lately I have so MUCHHH things to say.... Happy New Year, Happy Valentines day, Happy Chinese New Year, Folksss!!! Uff I have a Lott Of things To Writte one post wont be eugnof! men....I have enjoy these days to the extreme!~ Nice friends, Nice events, Homework, Grades, Everything!~O(∩_∩)O!!! Plus Other things have catch my heart ;D...

Well, Santa knew I was a good girl on 2009 so He left me this Beautiful Geishas :)

Awww! ^^ So cuteee!! I It!!~.....After Geishas A lott of thing happened (of course) But I couldnt take pictures of everythin' LOL! I wish but I didint ¬___¬ (Maybe I should). I hang Out a lot whit my friends and BOYFRIEND...(Rose, DaAe, Ryan, Rose Sister xD, and Sheu) I didnt take a loot Of picture of tht needer....But I have some In Hard Rock Caffe In Sto.Dgo!~

I enjoy that Nigth a lOOOT!~(^*^)~ This was the picture a post on FB for new Years Reasolution :D~

Deamn It!~ Look sooo Old! Haha what can I say! Pictures Whit My cellphone Not always Turn out good...:p! but the intension is what counts.....

Besides all This....Im frustrated~ Yeah! New song Of 21 ''try to be like me'' Is the shit!!! So as ''Please dont Go'' So Freakin' addicted!!! I hear it EVERYDAY!!!~ and BTW I was like WTF when I heard ''PRAAAA'' In try to be like me!~so shokin' LOLL thts sooo latino men!!! I think they are going 4 tht style!


  1. manis me encantan tus geishas!!!!! y que bellas tus pic con el coro de Hard Rock jejejejejejeje me imagino lo super bien que te sientes!!!! ya viste a Sheu en persona y no solo eso sino que formalizaron su relación estoy super feliz por ti!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y no le pares a los envidiosos que te dijeron popo antes de que el viniera!!!!! tu sabe como son algunas personas que les pica que nunca tendran un Sheu en sus vidas!!!!! muahahahahahahahaha les gusto bitches!!!!!

  2. Finally ur back :D i been missing u in this blog world!!

  3. Naty: Si Tu sabeee1 Grasias Manissss :)

    Topi: Yeiiii Im SUPER BACK♥ Thanks For encourage me!! :D