Weird Japanese Tecnology And Objects

Weird Japanese Tecnology & Objects O___o

Hey Everyone Lest Get Started Rigth Now!!!! I love asian Stuff weird, faboulos,creapy everything, love it!! But Specially Weird Stuff Caught My Attenttion!!! Fashion And Tecnology are The QUEEN AND KING of Weacky Stuff!!! I Will Show You Some, Describe Them And Caugth Your atenttion Too!! ^___^ Lest Start Whit Tecnology

Ja! You Might be askin WHAT DA HELL IS THIS!!!...well Thas a colchonated Buby For the babys, Is like the top of Baby Bottles But whit the shape of a bub!!!

That IS an Umbrella Whit A TV!!! O___o Yeppp!!! And you dont have to worry It abaut RAIN aTT ALL!!!

This is a Very Practic Table AHH!!

This is Weird!! Is a Atilugy were You can see the Inside Of you ear While You Clean It!! O__o!!
Ahh! I love This One IT Makes Life Easier!! This Is a gadget Than You can Conect In Every Electric Thing You Have, Cell Phone, Tv, Computer, This Thing is Comanded By Voice You say Shut Dwon and You Whish Come True!!! ^^

This Is what a Call '' A Waste Of Time'' This Literaly Makes you Smile You Put This On You mouth A BANG your Smile!!!¬¬'!!! Ahh Very Good For Gilrs Want Bubs!! Yeah This Is a COOKIE than Cotains Hormons To make Your Bubs Bigger!!! You WAnt Some Cookie...;D!!
No Is Not Child Abuse!!! This Is a Beer For Kids!!! But Don't Worry There's No Acochol In It!!! But this is Just The reply Image Of The Real One!!! Just The Name Change ''Kodomo Nomimono'' (Drink For Kids)!!

This Is OLD But I like iT!!!!! This is a Toilett Whit Voice Command!!! Oh Yeah!!! Say Bye To The fraking Hot Days Whit This chemise Than Have a Fan In It!!! This is a Battery Than Is Made Whit POPO Yes POPO, Thas call Recicle!!! deamn!!!
This Is a MAuse Than Give You a MASSAGE whileYou Useing It!!!


  1. Ouuhhh I lOVE japan!!! This Is soo Cool!!!

  2. Yo that table is freakin awesome. I would eat a box of those boob cookies for one lol.

  3. Jajjaja Yeah I Defently Like It!!!