Chinese Skin products

*Chinese Skin products*

Today I will show You a few Facial and Chine skin Products than I have, They are old, I bought them I long time a go, but these are the product I use the most :)!!

This One is Used For big Pimples, reduce swelling.This One is A skin whitening For spots. This One Is one Of a lot of Exfoliant That i have for entire body, but I l like this one, because left you skin very soft.... This One my mom Bougth it, this is a product that elimantes blackhead in your nose!!! And This one is the same as the whitening but a little bit more refeshenig...
All The product are LULANJINA/LIYANSHIJA If you are Interested you can go to the link option to get it from internet, But if you live in Dominican republic or anyplace than have a CHINA TWON you can get it..^__^

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